Divers from the world !

What do you mean, a French Boat ?

Well, OK, we can't deny it, historically the boat has been running mainly with the French Market.


This time is over !


Divers from all over the wolrd you'll be always welcome on TidakApaPa !

We can speak here French, English, German, Indonesian, and are getting better with Spanish !


Lovely Frenchies, don't get us wrong, we still love you too !


So, where are you from ?

So let's have a little analysis of the origins of our Divers....


We hope we haven't forgotten anyone, but if ever we did, please let us know, and we'll be more than happy to add your flag here !!


Europe is clearly leading with a representation of 14 countries, in the order as shown below.




Would you guess which country is represented by the flag in the middle?


So now, Where will you be from ?

OK guys clearly we are missing Divers from Americas and Africa here ! :-D


Anybody  for a great Liveaboard trip ?


Any photopgrapher looking for amazing critters and time to make the great shots, as your guide is also a photographer ?


Any CCR Divers looking for new destinations, eager to dive other places than Red Sea and Caribbean ?


Welcome to TidakApaPa !

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