Amazing Sangeang

My dear friends !


I HAVE to share that experience with you ! Absolutely magic ! Looking forward soo much to go back there to Sangeang Volcano !! 


Let me explain why....

1 - Feels good to sail alone in the sea !

Sangeang and Komodo National Park

Sangeang Volcano is located on the North East side of Sumbawa Island, or let's say really North West from Komodo National Park.

So it's a bit far yes. So I can enjoy being in the sea and living my destiny of sailing !!


But as it's a bit far, there is nobody there ! We were alone ! No daily boats, no other liveaboards, NO ONE except local fishermen !


Can sail anyhow, nobody would notice (except my Captain of course hehe....) 


2 - Adventure every corner

Sangeang is an active volcano.

Pretty active indeed, and not only because of its twin peaks! Just see by yourselves : 


- While we were there, we had lots of "AshClouds Blowing".


- While diving my divers have heard several time the explosions ! Nothing was audible at the surface, but I could feel it in my body as well !


- There are Bubbles Underwater !

Peter even decided to check what kind of gas it was, so he trapped it in a jam pot, and made an experience on board with a match, and now we know : this is CO2 !


But beyond the volcanic activity, Sangeang also offers stunning natural environments :


- A pristine tropical forest where lots of wild animals live. Of course "Daddy" couldn't help exploring at night along the dry riverbed... and come back with some new companions !


- Natural hots springs (really hot indeed)


- A not so abandoned lighthouse, which climbing is an adventure itself, as the last ladder is soooo steep ! 


3 -Master Class Diving !

Well, let's not forget my destiny is to bring humans diving around Indonesia.

It seems like I found a really good place here !!!


As a volcanic islands, the bottom is made of black sandy slopes, and temperature is warm around 28-29c. Which makes it a perfect environment for Macro Life !


You already know Daddy is an talented underwater photographer, but on this trip I was lucky enough to host another good one, Toby, who was so nice to give his pictures ! Here is a selection of them.


Let's begin with our favorites : Nudibranchs and Seaslugs

Check out those weird but beautiful crabs !! 

2 new gastropods friends I haven't met before....

And those tiny baby guys trying to hide from my divers ! They've seen you !! ;-)

Unbelievable right ? And this is only a short selection ! Bluffing !!

4 - Minimal Human impact

I sailed all around Sangeang during those 4 days, and it was finally time to go back to Komodo.

Before heading there, I let my guests have a short walk on land, at Bontoh's Village.


Bontoh is not a historical village, as no one leaves on Sangeang Island anymore. But it's a small community of carpenter, boatmen and fishermen, mainly from Sumbawa, staying there for 2 weeks, going home, coming back for 2 weeks and so on.


No electricity except a small genset, no direct water, not a single shop, no school, but a bunch of families staying there on really basic comfort.

Men are working on the Shipyard, women take care of the village, and weave some beautiful Sarong in a traditional loom.


Unique trip for complete experience !

Now I bet you understand why I loved it so much !

Can't wait to go back there !

Check on our schedule to take that chance to join !  :-)


See you soon onboard !!


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    Nigel Rustage (samedi, 23 juin 2018 21:41)


    I have experience in diving around Sangeang and Komodo.

    I'm a PADI/SSI/BSAC dive instructor

    Can I send you my Cv