New Team on board !

Hey divers !


Please meet here our new team for this new season ! You won't be desappointed they are awesome , taking soooo good care of me !


I like it how the Kaptain is my Bodyguard days and nights, and take me for unique adventures on the sea !


I like it when Irfan cooks delicious meals which spread nice smells all around me.


I like it when Bas is checking on my heart.


I like it when Chan enjoys sitting on me by filling the tanks, and all around me with the speedboat.


I like it when Babinoch is gruiking around !! ;-))


I like it when my parents Ludo and Ariane bring new friends onboard to new destinations to explore !


And I really love it when they enjoy being here all together sharing such a good time in the sea with me !!


Hope you'll like it as well when you'll be cruising with us !

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