New Look for TidakApa'Pa!

Do you know that feeling, when you just get out of the Hairdresser, Spa or FashionShop and you feel sooo beautiful ?


I just got the same feeling !!! And as much as I like it, this is all made for your comfort and pleasure !!


Beautiful on the outside...

You remember my "parents" offered me a brand new sundeck last April, with all those cute and comfy beans bags !

Chilling moment on TidakApa'Pa's new Sundeck
Choose your bean bag on TidakApa'Pa's new Sundeck !

Like my new line ? ;-) It makes me look slim and pretty !


And of course, a couple of pictures from me in action !

...Gorgeous on the inside !

Discover my new internal look !

Pretty Cosy isn't it ? I hope it's gonna make you feel at home !


Fishy Towels !

The new collection of Towels is finally ready!

Because you are my guests, I like to consider you as part of the marine world, and not just like numbers that I'll forget soon!

That's why I had made those customized towels !


Sooo, which sea creature do you wanna be during your cruise with me ??


And there will be more to come !

I have a lucky Ship, my parents don't stop on getting me even more beautiful! 


Check this out, here are some plans for the next 6 months : 

- New Roof Fabric

- New Deco Items in the Rooms

- New Uniforms for my Crew

- And finally, New Sails !!


It's all in the pipes, just the time to have them ready !!


Of course I will let you know !!! Just stay posted !!



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  • #1

    TATY FOTO (mercredi, 29 août 2018 09:32)

    Vraiment trop beau. A très bientôt

  • #2

    david colette (mardi, 18 septembre 2018 10:03)

    super classe !!!!!!ça fait rever!!!!!!!