In Pursuit of Marine Legends

There are “Marine Legends” about some creatures having been seen 10 to 25 years ago in Komodo National Park and its surrounding. But for years, no more encounters, and no documentation about it.


Never mind, here I am, taking my “parents” and guests to those places to try to prove them to be true!

This Pursuit takes place during our last CCR Diving trip in August.

By diving Rebreather they seem to be the most equipped divers to have a chance!


Indeed they were….


Hammerhead Sharks in GPS Point ? TRUE

I take my hosts to Banda Sea every year now (Looking forward to our next departure on September 23rd, I’ll keep you posted on this!), for a Hammerhead Quest.

Last year was insanely successful if you remember well (if not, just look here) !


Some humans said that hammerheads have been seen around Banta,on a dive site called GPS Point but too deep for most divers, and with tricky conditions. Well after all why not, as it seems like they sometimes appear on the fish market of LabuanBajo….


So after 2 “Sharky” days in North Komodo, it was time to sail west a bit to check that out!


Success again! Coming up from the depth, we met this curious one around 45m deep!

Mola in South Komodo ? true!

Most of divers know that there are Mola in Indonesia, but they will think about Nusa Penida, next to Bali for it. They'll be right.

But, it's now proven that Molas do also enjoy Komodo National Park waters ! Especially the cold one from South Komodo Island, around Manta Alley and surroundings.


On an unplanned dive, on the barely never dived spot of Langkoi Rock, with "washing machine like" current, on a depth of 49m, temperature of 21c, this is where my brave (or crazy?) adventurers experienced The Meeting....



Mola Alexandrini in South Komodo
Mola Alexandrini in South Komodo

Any other Marine Legend you may have heard about ?
Let me know, and I'll try to get my parents on it !


See you soon, Mermaids & Co !

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