Karang Makassar, more than a "Manta Point"

Karang Makassar, the unavoidable point of Komodo National Park.


Should you be snorkeling, trekking, diving, just cruising around, you’ll necessarily end up there. Myself I cruise there every trip at least once for my divers!


Not only because it’s on the center of the National Park, but just because it is a MUST!



Let me describe a bit the place:


Along Komodo Island, in between a mangrove and 2 white sandy patches, here it is, Karang Makassar. The name comes from the fishermen from Makassar, Sulawesi, coming here to fish in this strong current channel. Drift makes it impossible to stay still, so dynamite fishing was much more efficient L 


This would explain the rubble coral and the lack of coral on some areas.

Luckily today those ways are forbidden and the coral grows back, especially on the south side, close to Taka Makassar the white sand beach below.

But they also realized the reef was full of big black fish….

The Mantas were found, and the information broadcast till they reached some diver-owned ears!

Mantas of course...

 Nowadays, most of you will go there with the hope for Manta Rays spotting.

We won’t blame you for that for sure, this is an amazing show we can't get bored of!


Oops, too close !                                                                                           Spa Treatment time !

But as nature is unpredictable, it may be that you don’t see any and you’ll be disappointed, or worst.

Don't Be! 

You’ll have more luck next time, and still have something to dream about!

... but not only !

Now, let’s have a look of what you could or may have seen, if you were not that focused on Mantas….

This is all me and my divers have spotted within the last year only!!


Let’s start with fish, just simply big fish! 

Giant Sweetlips (Plectorhinchus albovittatus)                                                                      Giant Trevally (Caranx ignobilis)                    

Spanish mackerel  (Scomberomorus commerson)                                                                    Unicorn Fish (Naso brachycentron)             

You asked for RAYS, you have some RAYS!

                White Tail Stingray                                                                                                 Eagle Ray feeding on the rubble coral

Someone likes TURTLES? 3 Species have been seen here, unbelievable but true !

            Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta caretta)               Hawsbill Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata)                    Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia midas)

Love SHARKS ? 3 species as well ! And not usual to spot them all on the same dive !!

Sorry about quality, but they tend to be a bit too shy !

            Brownbanded Bamboo Shark                                            Blacktip Reef Shark                                                   Whitetip reef shark

Last but not least, MACRO LIFE !

Can't be seen that often because of current, but some unexpected encounters here.

Now... imagine what could been seen if one were actually looking for small stuff !

                                      Micromelo  undata                                                    BlueRinged Octopus                                                         Frogfish

Still boring ?

Sooooo, who can still say Karang Makassar is boring if Mantas are not around ??


See you around soon !!



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