Going Tech with IANTD!


Ohhh I’m soooooo excited!!!


I am now the first and only Liveaboard boat

to be certified as an  official IANTD Facility!!!

IANTD Facility CCR Trimix Diving TidakApa'Pa Liveaboard

What does that mean? What does that change?

Well simply, that I can officially host and take care of lots of new friends, and use my new toys, for the highest pleasure of my “parents”!

It also assures the divers that all my organization and logistics are suitable for Technical Diving.

It gives the evidence that my team has received a proper training to take Tech Divers in the water, and also to prepare everything including the Gas Blending !


What does that change ?

Not much, except offering you new adventures for deeper and longer dives !

But also experiencing the true Silent World around Indonesia and its world class coral reefs.

Which new friends?

Rebreather-CCR- and/or Trimix Divers, who have already been in Egypt soooo many times, or just looking for new really good destinations to explore with your beloved equipment !


Well, you just knocked on the right door !


                   No more bubbles....                                                                                                                    DreamTeam before action!

Which new toys?

Well, just have a look on those wonders!


Getting ready to dive deep with Trimix                                                                               Booster : our new Toy, just Love it !!

CCR Tanks Family : the one you need is here !                                                          Getting ready to dive Rebreather Trimix

So I really look forward to welcome you soon onboard for new adventures !

Let's go together for the search of Grey Reef Sharks in the depth of Batu Bolong, or along the 400m deep walls of Sulawesi, or in Banda See enjoying the company of the Hammerheads without them even noticing you are there !!


See you soon with or without bubbles !

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