The TidakApa'Pa Eco-Shop

 All products available aboard TidakApaPa are respectful of environment and local communities: 

  • Because Nature and People are the reasons why we can do what we do.
  • Because it's not just about being a business
  • Because it's so much more rewarding to give than to take

Discover the ranges of Eco-Friendly products, either from our own brand, or from wonderful partners!

No Single use Plastic

Who hasn't ever dreamt of : 

  • Unspoiled white or pink sand beach....
  • Preserved Mangroves....
  • Colorful Coral gardens....

None of those does really exist anymore, because thre are always some plastic rubbish to ruin their beauty and our pleasure and future a the same time.


This is why on TidakApa'Pa, we apply a "No Single Use Plastic Policy", and we encourage you do go this way as well, also by enjoying those nice and convenient products !


Bamboo Straws


Made in Bali, and Made with Love !


1 Straw : 20.000 IDR


Special Package : 

2 Straws + 1 cleaning Brush : 50.000 IDR

Trash hero Bottles

Trash Hero is a worldwide spread NGO which mission is "to bring communities toghether to clean and reduce waste" around the world. This is done via Education, Cleans-up, Projects, Involvment of local communities etc..


One of those actions is their Bottle Refill Programme we are supporting!

How : 

  • - Bottles are available for each guest along the trip
  • - Bottles can be purchase onboard for 160.000 IDR (Trash Hero recommended price)
  • - We are a free Refill Station

Help us, Help Yourself to get rid of those plastic bottles and plastic glasses that are found stranded on the beaches all over Indonesia, and the world.


Nature and Culture -Friendly Products

Natural Soaps and Shampoo Bars

Sri Soap Bali supported by TidakApaPa Liveaboard

100% Virgin Coconut Oil soaps and shampoo bars, flavored with local natural herbs such as Turmeric, Coconut Shell Charcoal, or Rosella.


They come in natural packaging as little baskets weaved by the women of the village.


The owner, Widia, is a Balinese Woman who started this little business as a surviving activity for herself and her new born son.


Today, this activity happens to support the whole village, including  the blind man (formerly unemployed) who husks the coconuts, and the women of the village now able to send their kids to school, and pass on ancestral traditions.


It's natural, it's supporting local communities, it's super nice, pretty cheap... You have no excuse !!

Check out our range of products onboard !


Reef Friendly Sunblock

The SunScreen you were waiting for !


> It's Natural, based on Virgin Cococut Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, Carrot Seeds Oil, with NO Palm Oil.
>It's Reef Safe, with No Oxybenzone or any other Chemical
>It's Water resistant, thanks to Beeswax
>It's 100% Made in Indonesia supporting tribes from Borneo*, and Local Communities from Lombok that have been deeply affected by the Earthquake in August 2018.


*This Sunscreen contains Shea Butter and Illipe Butter, an excellent moisturizer which has been made for centuries by the Dayak Tribes of Borneo. Today they're facing the risk to loose their livehood because of the galloping deforestation needed for Palm Plantations.


A specimen is always available onboard for a try, before you take the decision to purchase your own for only 200.000 IDR (13E or 15USD) !


Beauty in Harmony

We are delighted to be partner with DUPA Australia and its jewelry line focusing on Marine Life, and aiming to raise awareness on Marine conservation effort. 

Just as if it was not enough to be beautiful accessories made of 100% Sterling Silver 925, their sale supports conservation efforts, as 20% of their benefits go to NGOs!


Turtles Set

See the stars!

Mermaidly yours


Silver Tooth


And many others, to be discovered onboard or on .