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Who are those 4 Kings everyone is talking about ?

Raja Ampat Diving Liveaboard Indonesia Tidak Apa'Pa

Raja Ampat (The 4 Kings) is a group of 4 main islands (Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati et Misool) and some 600 other small ones, cays or shoals, located in Indonesian West Papua, next to Sorong.


Raja Ampat is all about biodiversity! It's said to be one of the few hotspots of underwater biodiversity on earth. In the whole area scientists have counted more than 1800 different species of animals, more than anywhere else in the world!


Some of its remarkable inhabitants are the Carpet Sharks (Wobbegong), several species of Pygmy Seahorses living in stunning colorful reefs, and not forgetting the graceful Manta rays, whose 2 species (reef and oceanic) can be found here.


The "right" season runs from November to April, giving us enough time to properly explore the area. To get the most of these wonderful places, we recommend that you take your time and we offer 2 itineraries lasting 10 to 12 days:

  • North Cruise, with the famous Dampier Strait, Cape Kri or Penemu
  • South Cruise, around the incredible Misool and its Ntional Park, Boo Windows or the "3 Sisters"

 Pick the one that best suits you and join us for a journey through "royal" waters on the Tidak Apa'Pa!


Check our 3 different options in Raja Ampat!

Raja central 7d/7n

Raja Ampat 7D7N route TidakApaPa
Discover the route of your 7 Days and Nights onboard

Raja North 10d/10n

Raja Ampat 10D10N TidakApaPa
Check out the planning our this 10 days trip across North Raja Ampat !

Raja South 10d/10n

Raja Ampat 12D12N TidakApaPa
10 Days and Nights to the beautiful Center and South Raja Ampat !

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