Raja Ampat 10 days South itinerary

Map of the trip

Komodo National Park Diving trip 10D

Day-by-day Itinerary

Manta Ray Karang Makassar Komodo


Day 1 (1-2 dives): SORONG

Pick up from the airport and transfer to the boat.

Welcome drink and introduction of the boat, cruise and team.

Check dive on Sorong area and 2nd if flights schedule allows.

Schooling Surgeonfish Castle Rock Komodo

Day 2 (3 dives): DARAM

Morning arrival at Daram Island. Let's start with Andiamo as its name offers, and then jump into “Vibrant Color” or “Warna Berwarna” Here the coral garden here is amazing, covered by orange or pink soft coral and huge sea fans where we’ll look for Pygmy Seahorses !


The Wall on Candy Store will leave you speechless, from its beauty, color, and density. School of fish are expected here, such as Barracudas or fusiliers, playing in the current.

Navigation to Fabiacet. 


Schooling Surgeonfish Castle Rock Komodo

Day 3-5 (10-12 dives): FABIACET, BOO, WAYILBATAN...

We’ll spend those 3 days in the heart of Misool area. Dive sites here are incredibly various and beautiful, around Fabiacet, Boo Rocks and its famous window shape, or Nudi Rock for the macro lover, and of course the unique Whale Rock. Night dive possible Yellit Kecil, to look for specific nudibranch Nembrotha living there.


Wayilbatan and its Four Kings (as Raja Ampat), Dunia Kecil, Wedding Cake or Barracuda Rock will keep us busy as well if we feel like sailing a bit more west !


FrogFish, Siaba Besar, Komodo

Day 6-7 (6-7 dives): FARONDI - BALBULOL

Going north a little bit we will reach  Wagmab and the Farondi area. Tunnels and caves lovers, you are at the right place here as the topography is clearly unique, such as at Goa Besar. Macro Rock will let the photographers satisfied as well.


The neighbor Balbulol will also offer great diving, for example on Love Potion or No Contest, getting a bit more current here ! Let’s be part of the jacks or batfish gathering !


Are you willing to take the swin among the JellyFishes ? Here is your chance !

Night Navigation to Batanta.


Sea Apple, Nusa Kode, Komodo

Day 8 (3 dives):BATANTA

3 dives along the Southwest coast of Bantata. Discover Reflection Reef, Happy Ending or Algae Patch, paradise for macro lovers ! Night dive possible on Reflection Reef as well.

Night navigation to Fam Island.


Day 9 (3 dives): FAM

3 dives among the numerous nices ones, Most well-know will be Melissa’s Garden, My Reef, or Keruo channel. Amazing landscapes and bays, climb Pianemo hill for the beautiful scenery and take THE Shot !

Pianemo, Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Pianemo and its world class view point

Day 10 (2 dives): DAMPIER STRAIT

2 last dives in the heart of Raja Ampat trying to meet the Mantas on Manta Sandy, or dive the beautiful Cape Kri, before back to Sorong via 4-5 hours of navigation.

Time to clean and dry all the diving gear !

Arrival at Sorong on the afternoon. Exploration of the city, diner on board or in the city, night on board.


Day 11: SORONG


Breakfast on board, transfer to the airport or hotel.


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