Raja Ampat central 7 days route

Map of the trip

Komodo National Park Diving trip 7D North Central

Day-by-day Itinerary

Manta Ray Karang Makassar Komodo


Day 1 (1-2 dives): SORONG

Pick up from the airport and transfer to the boat.

Welcome drink and introduction of the boat, cruise and team.

Check dive on Sorong area and 2nd if flights schedule allows.

Schooling Surgeonfish Castle Rock Komodo

Day 2-3 (7-8 dives): DAMPIER STRAIT

3 to 4 dives per day around Kri island that day, such as Sardine Reef, Cape Kri, Friwinbonda, Blue Magic, Mioskon, Arborek Pier and so on….


Most of them worth to be dove not just once, such as Cape Kri or Manta Sandy, cause they have so much to offer !

Night dives possible on Sawok and Arborek Jetty.


FrogFish, Siaba Besar, Komodo

Day 4 (3-4 dives): GAM

We’ll explore that day the channel between Tanggefo and Gam islands, for a couple of dives such as Citrus Ridge, or leave to Mayhem Reef a bit more outside west.


Day 5 (3-4 dives): PENEMU

Let’s go for bigger hunt on Galaxy and Barracuda Point. And finally go down the island to reach  famous Melissa’s Garden. Night dive possible.


Day 6 (3 dives): FAM


3 dives among the numerous nices ones, Most well-know will be Melissa’s Garden, My Reef, or Keruo channel. Amazing landscapes and bays, climb Pianemo hill for the MUST Shot !

Padar and 3 sandy Bays, Komodo

Day 7 (2 dives): DAMPIER STRAIT and back to SORONG

Free choice of the guests for the favorite dive site of the cruise, or those which have not been explored yet, on the heart of Raja Ampat and its stunning marine life ! Can't get enough of it, right ?


Heading back to Sorong via 4-5 hours navigation. Time to clean and dry all the diving gear !

Arrival at Sorong on the afternoon. Exploration of the city, diner on board or in the city, night on board.




Breakfast on board, transfer to the airport or hotel.

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