Komodo 7 days North & Central route !

Map of the trip

Komodo National Park Diving trip 7D North Central

Day-by-day Itinerary

Day 1 (2 dives) : LABUANBAJO - KOMODO

Pick up from the airport and transfer to the boat.

Welcome drink, introduction of the boat, team and cruise.

Check dive on easy but beautiful reef of Sebayur Kecil, 2nd dive on the Mini Wall of Sebayur or night dive depending schedule of arrival.


Day 2 (3-4 dives) : CENTRAL KOMODO

Morning drift dive on Tatawa Besar. Batu Bolong and Karang Makassar will both make your day !

Night dive possible in Siaba Besar.

Schooling Surgeonfish Castle Rock Komodo


Morning dive at Siaba Besar also known as Turtle City, and heading to North Komodo.

Meet the Komodo Sharks and huge schools of fishes at Crystal Rock and Castle RockSunset trek on Gili Lawa Darat.


Day 4 (3 dives): KOMODO NORTH


Morning wakeup call on the “ShotGun” of the Cauldron, more sharks and big stuff in Golden Passage, and a night dive on Gili Lawa Darat.

Padar and 3 sandy Bays, Komodo
FrogFish, Siaba Besar, Komodo

Day 5 (3 dives): CENTRAL KOMODO - PADAR

Heading back to Central Komodo. Trying to meet the Manta Rays again at Mawan on the way.

Sunset Trek on the emblematic island of Padar and its 3 sandy bays.


Day 6 (3 dives): PADAR - RINCA 

Morning dive on our 3 Sisters spot, and going “mucky” on Secret Garden. If lucky, it could be THE meeting with mobula rays!


Sunset dive at Waenilu to try to spot the beautiful Mandarin fish mating dance.

Day 7 (1dive): RINCA - LABUANBAJO

Morning dive on Pulau Tengah Kecil.

Visit of Rinca and trekking to spot the unique Komodo Dragon (easy walk of 1.5 hours).

Arrival at Labuanbajo on the afternoon. Exploration of the city, diner on board or in the city, night on board.




Breakfast on board, transfer to the airport or hotel.


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