Komodo SAngeang 10 days route

Exclusive and Unique Sangeang

10 full days of diving, 25 to 30 dives, looking for big fish at Komodo to stunning Macro at Sangeang.

Meeting of the unique Dragons, visit of the tiny village/shipyard of Bontoh, night walks in the jungle...

A really complete, unique and unforgettable trip, off the beaten tracks !


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Map of the trip

Komodo National Park Sangeang Diving trip 10D

Day-by-day Itinerary

Nemo hiding, Komodo, Indonesia

Day 1 (2 dives): LABUANBAJO - KOMODO

Pick up from the airport and transfer to the boat.

Welcome drink and introduction of the boat, cruise and team.

Check dive on the easy but beautiful reef of Sebayur Kecil. 2nd dive on the Mini Wall of Sebayur.


Day 2 (4 dives): NORTH KOMODO

Morning Drift dive on Tatawa Besar.

Navigation to Gili Lawa Darat to dive at Castle Rock and Golden Passage

Night Dive at Gili Lawa Darat Bay.

Carcharinhus melanopterus, Castle Rock Komodo

Day 3 (3 dives): NORTH KOMODO

Morning dive at Crystal Rock to wake everybody up !

When the tide is right, we’ll head to the Cauldron to enjoy the famous ShotGun and its Sharks, Rays, and BumpHead Parrotfishes.

Afternoon dive at Castle Rock to meet the Grey Reef Sharks on their hunting time.

Land excursion : Trek at Gili Lawa Darat for a colorful sunset over Komodo Island and Sanggeang Volcanos a bit further.


Day 4 (3 dives): BANTA

Navigation to Banta Island, west of Komodo National Park.

GPS Point will be our 1st dive on this area, chances for pelagic and schools of barracudas. If you’re lucky enough, Hammerhead and grey reef sharks are sometimes seen there…Nudibranchs and turtles are usually joining the party as well.

Diving along the walls of Toro Oi after lunch will delight the Orang-Outang crabs lovers and other nudibranchs ! We keep an eye in the blue for passing tunas, sharks and eagle rays.

Night Dive at Banta Bay.


Pinky Flabellina, Sangeang, Indonesia

Day 5 (3 dives): BANTA - SANGGEANG

Morning dive at High Voltage, with delicious currents and walls, along which schools of barracudas or big eye Jackfishes are quite common. Small critters are also enjoying the beautiful reef and clear water, while sharks are patrolling around.


Heading now to Sangeang twin peaks volcano, we’re also heading towards absolutely stunning muck diving! At Hot Rocks (also known as Bubbles Reef), you’ll experience the famous “Champagne” Dive, where bubbles are escaping the sandy bottom, giving an unreal feeling of underwater Jacuzzi! But on top of that, amazing nudibranchs, pygmy seahorses, pink anemone, candy crabs are also exploring the black bottom!


We’ll finish the day with another amazing muck dive on the black volcanic sand around the volcano.

Sangeang Volcano, Indonesia
Sangeang Twin Peaks Volcano, head in the clouds....
Rain of fish, Banta Island, Indonesia

Day 6 (3 dives): SANGEANG - BANTA


Let’s start the day with a bit of current at Deep Purple, a ridge of the northeast of Sangeang. Schools of jacks and barracuda are expected there, and if you’re lucky it’s not uncommon to spot Manta Rays as well.


Because it worth it so much, we’ll go back for a Bubble Stream session!


We then will head back to Banta where we’ll climb up the hill to enjoy a wonderful sunset view.

Manta Ray Karang Makassar Komodo

Day 7 (3 dives): BANTA - KOMODO

First dive, we’ll check if our secret place for Mantas has something nice to offer that day.

We’ll be giving GPS point a second chance before leaving the area to go back to the Central part of the Komodo National Park.

Batu Bolong is one the highlights of the National Park and you’ll understand why while being on that natural aquarium!


Day 8 (4 dives): KOMODO Central

Siaba Besar is also known as Turtle City, with a huge population of green sea turtles resident on the beautiful coral garden. But this is also the home for juvenile BumpHead Parrotfish, cuttlefish laying their eggs, white tip reef sharks, and ore rarely some white tail stingrays.

Siaba Kecil, its little sister, will offer a really drifty experience on an amazing topography. At the coral garden where the dive ends, life is all over the place, and on top of the “classic” turtles and Sharks tht we could expect, Dugongs have even sometimes been seen!

Karang Makassar will hopefully make your day complete with lots of Mantas!


Night Dive in Siaba Besar.

Synchiropus oscellatus, Komodo, Indonesia

Day 9 (4 dives): KOMODO Central

Morning dive at Siaba Besar Sandy Patch to look for flamboyant cuttlefish, ghostpipefish, nudibranchs, upside down jellyfish, pipefish, frogfish and so on…

Because the dive is completely different depending upon the tide, we’ll explore the 2nd face of Batu Bolong.

The after lunch dive will take us to Mawan, cleaning station for Mantas and beautiful reef anyway. Can be drifty or easy depending upon the conditions and where we jump.

Sunset dive at Waenilu to try to spot the beautiful Mandarin fish mating dance, and look for zebra crabs and coleman shrimps on the colorful fire urchins!


Day 10 (1 dive): RINCA - LABUANBAJO

Morning dive on Pulau Tengah Kecil.

Visit of Rinca and trekking to spot the unique Komodo Dragon (easy walk of 1.5 hours).

Arrival at Labuanbajo on the afternoon.

Exploration of the city, diner on board or in the city, night on board.



Breakfast on board, transfer to the airport or hotel.


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