banda sea : crazy hammer time

Banda? Where and what?

Hammerhead sharks, Banda Sea Diving Liveaboard Indonesia Tidak Apa'Pa

A small archipelago of 10 islands, off the South of Ambon, in the province of Maluku. Also called the "spice islands", due to strong culture of nutmeg and cloves.


OK, but why go there?


The Banda Sea is on the migratory path of schools of hammerhead sharks! In October, if you’re lucky  enough, you could be diving with thirty or more ! Come on, let’s be honest, who has never dreamed about doing that??


Along these volcanic islands, the drop-offs are impressive, the reef is teeming with life, and you'll see many examples of pelagic life: barracudas, tunas, turtles, reef sharks ... everything is there, just open your eyes!


And as we are never short of new adventures, why not dive the reef at the foot of Gunung Api, where innumerable but peaceful marine snakes will come along to say hello. A moment of a lifetime!


Macro lovers, you have also come to the right place!


As well as the population of mandarin fish in Bandaneira, you will discover Ambon Bay, where our trip ends. Definitely a world-class heaven for Muck Diving.


Even without moving you could spend an hour and a half just observing mandarins, pikatchu, harlequin shrimp, ghostpipe fish, marbled shrimp… Going a bit further and you’ll meet some frogfish, “Solar Powered” nudibranchs, Coleman shrimps, Rhinopias or other small crabs...


This cruise is the perfect mix of creatures big and small!


Underwater Photographers, the door of this underwater paradise is about to open!


 So, will you be “Crazy Hammer” enough to join us?


Map of the itinerary

Ambon Banda Sea Hammerhead liveaboard, Indonesia

Ambon and Banda Sea 10 Days route

Frog Fish, Ambon Bay, Indonesia

Day 1 (2 dives): AMBON

Pick up from the airport and transfer to the boat.

Welcome drink and introduction to the boat, crew and trip.

Check dive in Ambon bay, 1st encounter with all those small and weirds critters !

Depending shedule of the flights, 2nd dive on Ambon’s Bay.


Night navigation to Nusa Laut (45nm)


Day 2 (3 dives):NUSA LAUT

We’ll do 3 dives around Nusa Laut.

You’ll be blown away by the pristine coral gardens, the beautiful walls and the amount of fishes on the reef of Amed’s village.

Later, let’s enjoy the beauty of the Arch of Arkon and its endless walls….

Who knows if Mobulas, BlackTip reef sharks, tunas or even Hammerhead would not come to say Hi!


Night Navigation towards Pulau Run (80nm)


Sea Snake, Banda Sea, TidakApaPa Liveaboard

Day 3 (3 dives)Pulau Run

Being part of the Banda archipelago, Run is the first of their islands we’ll reach. Clear water, nice plateau, huge sponges and if lucky some Hammerheads to welcome you on early morning dive…

Night Navigation towards Manuk (70nm)


Day 4 (3-4 dives): Manuk Island

Manuk is also known as the “Snake Volcano”. Odor of sulfur, Hot rocks and ascending bubbles remind us about the volcanic activity.

And once underwater, you’ll be surrounded by sea snakes, lots of sea snakes! But harmless, even posing for the shot, proud to be your stars! And of course we'll be looking for Hammerheads on the afternoon dive !

Night Navigation to Nila (75nm)


Hammerhead Shark, Banda Sea, Indonesia

Day 5 (3 dives): Banda Sea Reefs, Nila, Serua etc...

Diving on some spots with good chances for hammerhead sharks! Finger crossed for a bit of luck…. But even without the reefs are fabulous, healthy walls and 50+ meters visibility sometimes.

Night navigation back to Manuk (65nm)


Day 6 (3-4 dives): Manuk Island

Back to Manuk for more snakes, tunas, barracudas and hopefully more Hammerheads

Night Navigation to Banda Islands (75nm)


Hammerhead Shark, Banda Sea, Indonesia

Day 7 &8 (7-8 dives):BANDA ISLANDS

Let’s start the day with another hammerhead hunt on Karang Hatta and its ball of Jack fish! Heading then to Bandaneira, a large choice of dive sites is available, from volcanic rock at Pohon Miring to the black sand in Banda’s harbor.

Possible Land excursion: Banda Neira and its traditional market, historic fort and small Maritime Museum.

Night on the mooring


Waking up on the beautiful view of Gunung Api, we’ll be looking for Boxer crabs on Batu Kapal to begin the day! And then heading to Suanggi, its walls, tons of fish, and our last chance for Hammerheads!


Night navigation to Ambon (120nm)


Solar Power Nudibranch, Ambon Bay, indonesia

 Day 9 & 10 (4-5 dives): AMBON BAY

Back to small critters and macro lovers! Let’s hunt for frogfish, ghost pipe fish, seahorses, marble shrimps, and flamboyant cuttlefish during day and night dives!


On day 10, depending upon the flights schedules, 1 or 2 dives can be done.


Day 11 :AMBON

Breakfast on board and transfer to Ambon airport.

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N.B. : Except specific information or request, this trip departs and ends at Ambon.