... An archipelago of about 17,000 islands, not even 1,000 of which are inhabited by humans.


... Unique geological activity at the Ring of Fire, where the Eurasian, Pacific and Australian plates meet, giving life to more than 400 volcanoes (Krakatau, does it ring a bell?) of which 150 still active such as Bromo, Ijen, Agung, Sangeang, Puncak Jaya…


... The meeting point of the Pacific and Indian oceans, being filled up by the many archipelagic seas: Java, Bali, Flores, Banda, Seram...


... Number 2 in world biodiversity, including tropical forests but also 5.8 million km2 of seas, hosting more than 37% of existing fish species!


... Breath taking Numbers:

  • 590 species of coral
  • Nearly 3500 species of fish
  • 3000 species of crustaceans and echinoderms (crabs, shrimps, starfish, sea cucumbers ...)
  • 2500 species of mollusks (nudibranchs, shellfish, octopus ...)

 For us divers, an infinite playground!!


Whatever your motivation is to dive, you will find it here! Let yourself be tempted by the adventure and explore the different destinations offered by Tidak Apa’Pa!!


sail as you feel!

Rebreather Komodo Dragon Diving Liveaboard Indonesia Tidak Apa'Pa
Walls Sulawesi Diving Liveaboard Indonesia Tidak Apa'Pa
Raja Ampat Diving Liveaboard Indonesia Tidak Apa'Pa
Hammerhaed sharks Band Sea Diving Liveaboard Indonesia Tidak Apa'Pa

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