The boat : Tidak Apa'Pa

Friendly, Comfy and No Worries !

The Tidak Apa’Pa is a traditional Indonesian boat, released in 2001 from Tanah Biru shipyards in South Sulawesi, flagship of the shipbuilding industry, where she returns every year for maintenance and improvements.

Her name means "No Worries" in Indonesian language and reflects completely the philosophy of the trips she offers !


100% made of wood, with a characteristic Banana shape, 2 masts and 7 sails, this « Pinisi » is 20m long and 5,5m wide, and has a maximal capacity of 8 persons in 2 double cabins and 2 brand new Twin cabins made in September 2019.


The Bathroom is open to the sea and offers without a doubt the most relaxing view you could ever hope for !

Diving Liveaboard Indonesia Tidak Apa'Pa Komodo Raja Ampat Sulawesi Banda Sea


Let yourself chill for a while on the wide and spacious sundeck, the only sound the lullaby of the waves.


The diving deck is convenient and close the departure area, which means no heavy lifting ! Fresh water and camera charging stations are numerous and equally easy to reach! Can things get any better ?



Not luxurious, but comfortable and super friendly, the Tidak Apa’Pa is your best choice for trips among small groups of friends or dive buddies who want to learn more about the underwater world.

Safety first !

Safety Nautilus Diving Liveaboard Indonesia Tidak Apa'Pa Komodo Raja Ampat Sulawesi Banda Sea

Because your safety is our priority, the Tidak Apa’Pa has lots of safety equipment onboard. As well as the classic, complete communication and navigation kit (Radio, GPS, Sonar…), you will also find a lifeboat (inspection up-to-date) and life jackets, First Aid kit and Oxygen kit supplied by a B50 tank. Their locations will be explained during the boat briefing on your arrival.


To improve safety during and after diving, each diver is requested to bring a SMB (it is possible to borrow one from us if you don't have your own). The Cruise Director is also equipped with a Nautilus Lifeline with, and the speed driver can communicate with the Tidak Apa’Pa through Marine Talkie Walkie in case of emergency.


Boat Specifications

  • Year built: 2001
  • Length: 20 meters
  • Beam: 5 meters
  • Top speed: 8 knots
  • Cruising speed: 5 knots
  • Engines: Cummins 6BT 5.9 marine diesel 210 hp
  • Max guests:8
  • Number of cabins:4
  • Number of bathrooms:1
  • Compressor : Alkin Cat 9, Capacity 240 Liters/Min
  • 20 diving Tanks S80
  • 2 diving Tanks S100
  • Tender: Wood and Fiber 6m Yamaha 40 hp 
  • Water capacity: 4 for a capacity of 2500 liters
  • Fuel capacity: 2 for a capacity of 2500 liters