Thoughts of a Boat

Thoughts of a Boat · 17 décembre 2019
TidakApaPa fête sa 1ère participation au Salon de la Plongée de Paris en vous offrant une croisière Komodo à gagner !

Thoughts of a Boat · 01 mai 2019
Here am I, feeling newer than ever, after 1 month Cure of Youth on Dry Dock ! Check out what happend to me, follow my transformation step by step ! Ready to cross Indonesian Seas again to offer you the best Diving Liveaboard!

Thoughts of a Boat · 28 août 2018
TidakApa'Pa has been herself treated this year ! Discover her new amazing line and inner beauty on this post !

Thoughts of a Boat · 19 mai 2018
New Season, New team, New Adventures ! Let's meet them !!

Thoughts of a Boat · 09 mars 2018
Let's dive into traditions, people and culture through a Sulawesian Wedding !

Thoughts of a Boat · 05 mars 2018
I'm delighted to make you discover my home town here ! Beautiful isn't it?

Tidak Apa'Pa Liveaboard South Sulawesi diving trip
Thoughts of a Boat · 23 février 2018
Last adventure of the Tidak Apa'Pa crossing Flores Sea, from LabuanBajo to Bira!

Liveaboard Indonesia Komodo Sulawesi Banda Sea Ambon Raja Ampat
Thoughts of a Boat · 08 février 2018
I'm going back home, to Bira in South Sulawesi Youhou !!

Thoughts of a Boat · 03 février 2018
New flag for a more complete feeling of my Identity !

Thoughts of a Boat · 07 janvier 2018
Diary of a Liveaboard : follow the adventures of a diving boat on the Indonesian seas, from Komodo to Raja Ampat, via Banda... From the side of the boat itself !