Thoughts of a Boat · 14 mars 2020
Komodo National Park : on your "Places To Be" list for sure ! Don't miss the visit on the Ranger Station to encounter the mythical Komodo Dragons, and some of its best companions on the island !

Thoughts of a Boat · 17 décembre 2019
TidakApaPa fête sa 1ère participation au Salon de la Plongée de Paris en vous offrant une croisière Komodo à gagner !

Adventures underwater · 28 août 2019
Amazing CCR trip in Komodo National Park in August 2019. Find the summary of our adventures here !

Adventures underwater · 26 août 2019
TidakApaPa goes in pursuit of Marine Legends in the Komodo National Park. Discover which ones, how it;s been done, and which result !

Adventures underwater · 21 mars 2019
Explore Batu Bolong, understand why this is one of the most well-known dive site of Komodo National Park. Meet its Turtles, Sharks, Juveniles Angelfish, Nudis, but also topography and currents !

Adventures underwater · 25 juillet 2018
Karang Makassar, a MUST from Komodo National Park. It's also known as Manta Point, but let's have a closer look to the treasures that can be found there...

Thoughts of a Boat · 19 mai 2018
New Season, New team, New Adventures ! Let's meet them !!