Cure of Youth !

The Dry dock of my life !

Oufff what a month !

It's been definitely the "Dry Dock of my life" !


I though I was beautiful already, especially with my Spa treatment from last year (Remember I told you about it ?), but when I see myself now... I feel like saying WOAHHH !!

No false modesty here, I'm quite sure you'll agree with me once you'd seen the "New Me"!


So let me tell and show you my transformation !


2018-2019 season has been great. I've been sailing a lot, on different seas, and I loved it!

I know my passengers did as well !


But yes I was a bit tired, especially after March cause I had to move forward and keep everyone safe in conditions that were sometimes rough. I'm sure the SubSub team remembers it !


But I did it, and I felt like I deserve a treat !

So I entered Dry Dock in Kendari end of March, tired and ready to get myself pampered !


Getting things done

Let's have a look on the 2 main projects I've been going through !

Reinforcing my Stern

I'm a traditional Phinisi. I do have that traditional "Banana Shape". But when sailing a lot, especially with waves coming right in front or from my back, this may cause too much swinging and shocks on my stern.


My "parents" have then decided to reinforce this by rebuilding all of it!


This is what it did look like during the work ! 

Don't worry, it was not painful !


The "Classic" Dry Dock process

Now that I have a full new stern again, let's go for the proper Dry Dock process.


1/ Getting cleaned & Sanded

Hummm.... Little Spa Treatment... You know the same kind of Thalassotherapy : getting "karcherized" to take all the dirt away and make the skin more toned !


2/ Changing some wood planks

Examined from bow to stern by the "Wood Doctor", I happened to need a couple of changes in my bones! Ribs are all fine, only some side planks to be changed !




3/ Planing, Sanding and Joints

The dusty step !

Imagine I have almost 800m of lines ot fill first with "Pakal", a kind of hemp, then with bark of a local tree, then a mix of glue and sawdust to fix it !

No wonder there are no leaks possible after such a process !!

TidakApaPa Dry Dock 2019
Feeling naked.... but not for long!

4/ Last but not least : the Painting!

I should even say the paintingS... 3 layers for me this year : 

  • The Red Layer, or Primary, for the protection of my wood. You should have seen my "Mum"'s face when she saw me red !!! "But, but, I thought we'll keep her white and blue ???"
  • The Grey Layer, or Coating, to ensure a good grip to my final colors
  • The Blue one, the Anti fouling. I'm so proud I'm one of the few boats to have it BLUE !!! Usually they have it red/brownish, but my "dad" found this one and offered it to me to match my middle line! Lovely Daddy !

Some little "Plus"

  • New ladder to come back onboard after diving or a little tour somewhere
TidakApaPa New ladder 2019
Easy and comfy to come up safely !
  • New speed boat

Due to some "Royal Adventures" in my last trip in South Raja Ampat with the SubSub Team, I had to get a new "assistant", meaning a new speed boat. 


Here it is !!

  • Individual seats on the sides,
  • Sofa in the front,
  • Personal storage under the seats,
  • Comfy carpet all the way,
  • Good behavior in the waves
  • Nice ladder to come up

What else would you need ??

TAA New Speedboat 2019
Ready to take you diving !


  • New roof on the sundeck

Last year I got a new  sundeck built. I love it, and so do my lovely passengers !

I thought I'd be romantic and let it all open, so that they could enjoy the stars at night... Well great idea, but setting limits to the time slot during which people would use it (too hot under the sun they said!).


Well never mind ! In that case, this year I give you a Shadowy Sundeck !


After : the New Me !



Here I am after all this. Watch how beautiful I am !

Mission Accomplished ! I now can offer : 

  • A better stability in the water,
  • A better cruise speed thanks to a clean hull and brand new high quality painting (up to 10 knots if current helps!!)
  • A better comfort to come onboard, especially after diving
  • And just simply a better look!

 So yessss, it worthed it !!


And I hope you'll love it too when you'll be onboard !

See you soon onboard !

Join us for one of my next trip !


Check my next travels on my updated planning and don't be shy to contact me!

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    Jesse Leal (mardi, 21 mai 2019 17:22)

    Awesome Job guys
    I will there this year I promise - aug or sept