No Bubbles with CCR in Komodo

Epic "No bubbles" trip in komodo!

I did it again!

For second time in my liveaboard life, I was hosting a 100% No Bubbles Diving trip in Komodo National Park, and it was...... UNFORGETTABLE!

  • Not only because they were only 4 of them
  • Not only because I've been taking them to known and unknown places
  • Not only because they had proper adventures
  • Not only because they got to come across new underwater critters
  • Not only because they got lucky with their "Pelagic" encounters 
  • But because all of this together, which made the best time ever!

Let me tell you more!


Why Diving CCR in Komodo?

No need to repeat that Komodo National Park offers some of the most beautiful diving worldwide.


By diving CCR here, my divers can enjoy it much more !

  • They can stay much longer underwater, with the Sharks in Castle Rock, or Mantas in South Komodo (up to more than 2hours !!)
  • Because of No Bubbles, they can get closer to the animals, especially pelagic who don't hear / fear them as much
  • They have much longer no decompression time
  • They can go much deeper, to explore places where nobody else goes
  • They don't fear current so much because they can't really be out of air

 Closer, Deeper, Longer, Safer, sounds like a really great deal !

So what does it look like ?

The preparation

True, Rebreather diving is probably not as spontaneous as Open Circuit.

True, not everyone can do it, not everyone can make it happen !


But me TidakApaPa, I'm lucky enough to be one of those ! Look at my great toys : 

  • Booster
  • O2/He Analyser
  • Set of 2L and 3L steel or stainless tanks
  • LOTS of regulators, clips, straps and so on to set up the Bail Outs
  • And of course the main units

This is what it takes to make CCR Trimix Divers happy!!


the dives

Of course CCR Divers have special needs, and then special rhythm.


Instead of doing 3-4 dives a day like in a classic "Bubbling" trip, my guests will usually have more like 2 dives a day, sometimes 3 if a nice night dive is on schedule. 


Easier for the divers, easier for my crew ! Just need to adjust the planning for food ! Poor Cook, lost in between dives on the 1st days !


Planning of a 10Days 9 Nights CCR Diving on TidakApaPa
Planning of a 10Days 9 Nights CCR Diving on TidakApaPa

sharing some pictures

For once, some pictures of my divers, and some of their closer encounters during this trip.

So, tell me you don't want to be there ? ;-)

marine legends proven to be true

During this trip, my Guests have been lucky enough to encounter some really unique and unusual visitors of Komodo National Park.


Some Marine Legends had been talking about them, but they are now proven to be true !

(Read the complete article)

Mola alexandrini, Komodo National Park, Indonesia
Mola in South Komodo, not a legend anymore !
Hammerhead Shark, Komodo, Indonesia
Hammerhead Shark in Komodo ? Yes !

Summary of the cruise


  • 9 days diving
  • 16 Dives
  • 2 "new" dive sites
  • 1.467  min underwater, meaning 92min in average / dive
  • 7 different islands visited on land or underwater

 And what kind of exprience ?

  • 4 dives with Manta Rays,  32 Mantas Spotted
  • 8 dives with Sharks, 28 Sharks Spotted, including 1 Hammerhead, 1 Silky shark, 4 Gray Reef, 3 CatSharks, and more "classic" white and black tip reef sharks
  • 6 dives with Turtles, around 36 Hawksbill and Green Sea Turtles Spotted, 
  • 1 Mola alexandrini
  • 1 Marbled ray
  • 4 Spanish mackerel
  • 4 Broadclub cuttlefishes
  • 26 Bumphead ParrotFishes
  • 3 Pygmy Seahorses
  • 2 couples of Nudibranchs mating (tried to not look at them but....)
  • 1 Ornate Ghost Pipefish
  • 3 times dolphins playing with me while I'm sailing


And many others that we just don't count anymore (Napoleons, Giant Trevallies, Barracudas, tunas, stingrays and so on and so on...)


And most of the time, 0 other divers ! Especially during the Deep dives hehe...


in conclusion

Such a great trip, such a gret time, such great guests, of course it had to be a special end!

I can't wait to the next one !

Check my planning to know when it will be !

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