Welcome to Bira (2)

What a good fortune ! My « parents » have been invited to attend a traditional wedding !


Preparation will last a couple of days (and nights), before the proper ceremony day.

On those nights mainly, people would gather, chat, eat and play DOMINOS !! I have to regret the rules still stay mystery for my parents !!!


Saturday afternoon

The show begins, all families arrive, Bride is prepared with costume, Henna and blessings. Just beautiful….. But poor her, it’s sooo hot in there, and her costume looks so heavy as well !



Funny fact : as you read before, Bira is a sailing town… Well you can also see that on the ceremony clothes of the men !!


Wedding Bira, Sulawesi, Tidak Apa'Pa Liveaboard
Traditional Sarong for men attending a wedding, Bira, Sulawesi

Sunday morning

After hairdresser, barber dressing and make-up, here it is…. THE day !


Family of the Groom comes first with food and offerings. Dancers and little girls in traditional costume complete the scene.


Bride is ready !

Together with her bridesmaids, who are all dressed the same, let’s go to the Mosque for religious ceremony !

First men and women will stay separated, time for the imam to proceed on the men's side. Then the Groom will enter the women's side (excitement is in the air !!), and once the rings and words have been exchanged, the Bride comes to the main side, sitting close to her new husband. CONGRATULATIONS !!!


Back to the house, the newly married couple enters under congratulations and the line of honor of the Marine School Students.



Sunday Afternoon

After changing dress, time for the traditional wedding pictures with relatives (The BEST Grand-Mother ever !!)

Pretty funny to see that a same family will all be dressed the same way !

We wish them happiness and success for the new adventure they jumped in together !


As a conclusion :


For the kindness of the invitation, for sharing that really special moment with "my parents", for the luck to be part of something cultural and different, for all the yummy food that had been prepared in between all those steps, we want to say: 





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