Welcome to Bira ! (1)

So here we are, just resting in Bira, and getting beautiful again !


Which means I have time to introduce you to my nice city !


Let’s begin today with a short overview.


Bira is located on the South West peninsula of Sulawesi, and about 200km from Makassar (6hrs by car). It’s a small town with a long history of sailors, fishermen and shipyards.


Bira is a small peninsula itself, boarded with 2 beautiful white sand beaches with clear blue water : Pantai Bira and Tanjung Bira.

One thing I like above others here is the architecture of the traditional houses.

Made of wood, obviously, with stairs taking you to the guest room while chicken, goats and bikes stay below. Of course today, most people will build with concrete as it would last much longer.

I still hope somehow they’ll keep this funny shape alive !


Bira Sulawesi Indonesia Tidak Apa'Pa Liveaboard
Traditional Houses - Bira, Sulawesi

That’s it for today, don’t miss the next post, to know more about traditions and culture !

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    Boon Check Chan (samedi, 10 mars 2018 02:42)

    I am Boon, a dive instructor from Leisure Scuba, Malaysia. Would like to have the 2018 schedule of cruising in Bira.

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    TATY FOTO (samedi, 10 mars 2018 15:44)

    Belles photos...qui font rêver
    Oui les maisons sont vraiment belles, cela me rappelle de très bons souvenirs sur Sulawesi
    A Bira, les ouvriers vont être aux petits soins pour le Tidak Apa' Pa, on peut compter sur le savoir faire ancestral.