You say Adventure ? I say OH YES !

Well everyone, I'm more than happy to write to you again ! Why ? Just simply because the trip back home was such an unpredicted adventure ! Why again ??


We had such a crazy storm on the way !!!


It's good that I'm a strong boat, and my captain is incredibly good, but despite all that, with 2m high waves, strong wind and heavy rain, there is not so much we could do !

So we had to stop for a couple of days in the protection of a really nice bay in front of Lambego Village, on Pulau Kalao.


Tidak Apa'Pa Liveaboard South Sulawesi diving trip
View of the sea front of Lambego Village, Pulau Kalao

People were lovely there, scenery is beautiful, we really felt at the end of the world during those days, just check yourself on those pics !

And my "Parents" took that time to go diving around of course! They had an amazing time, those reefs and walls have soooo much to offer, still untouched and full of life !


So at the end here it is : ALL GOOD !!!

Ready for the cocooning / beauty / spa time !!


Looking forward to showing you my new look !

We keep in touch !

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