Sailing back home !

Liveaboard Indonesia Komodo Sulawesi Banda Sea Ambon Raja Ampat



Yes, BIRA, South Sulawesi, my home sweet home !!


I'm happy and so excited ! There are 2 reasons why it's so great for me :


1) The obvious one : It's always nice to go back home, right ?!

I already know I'm gonna be treated like a princess there, time for Holidays and Spa Treatments. It seems like they have new ropes, strong wood and even the last Anti-Fooling waiting for me there, can't wait !!!

You'll see me when I'll be ready, I'll look sooooo beautiful !!


2) Second but not least : Because I can !!!

Which means, I have a completely renewed engine, ready to take me on the seas for miles and miles !! I feel like coming back from surgery with a brand new heart !

You should have seen the braves guys working hard to offer me that gift !! Looking like diggers coming out of the coal mine !
Can't thank them enough!


Next time I'll talk to you, I'll be either on my way or already at home !!


It may take  bit longer than what I need, but you know divers right, they will be willing to stop every shoal or rock they see ! So it may take a week, but I'll enjoy being on the sea anyway !!


Don't miss it, I'll keep you posted !


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