A little something more personal !

New year, new "parents", this also means new look and stronger ID...


I am proud to introduce you to my new flag : the GWENN HA DU !


What, where, why, when ???? Let me explain...


The Gwenn Ha Du is the modern flag from Brittany, this little area from west of France which is said to resist the invaders still and for ever...  and where Asterix and Obelix also come from !


His name simply means "White and Black", not in memory of Mickael Jackson, but simply for its colors. The horizontal stripes are said to be representing the 9 breton dioceses, black for the 5 French speaking ones, and white for the 4 Breton speaking ones.

The ermines are the heraldic arms of Brittany.


It doesn't have any political connotation, but it's a really strong  cultural symbol !

Have a look, there is almost no public event without a Gwenn Ha Du proudly floating in the wind !


So now, it's gonna be sailing with me along the next weeks, discovering new areas and sharing those land and underwater adventures with me, but also with YOU !! ;o)


Soooo, looking forward to see it for real??

Keep posted, this won't be long till our first navigation together !!


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    Jesse Leal (mercredi, 07 février 2018 01:27)

    I love it - i would hardly look twice at a flag but now knowing the meaning and history of this flag I cant wait to see it