Let's meet !

Tidak Apa'Pa Liveaboard diving Indonesia Komodo Raja Ampat Banda Sulawesi


Hi there!


My name is Tidak Apa'Pa and I am a Pinisi, an Indonesian traditional wooden boat!


Look at my banana shape, that's what makes me so special!


In Indonesian language, “Tidak Apa’Pa” means “No worries”, “Pani Problem”, “Machi Mouchkil”, “Hakuna Matata” and so on… and this is how I like to sail my life !


I was born in 2001 in the renowned shipyards of Tanah Beru, South Sulawesi. It’s a really small spot on your map, but big in my heart. I go back there every year for my checkup, and to get some “spa treatment” and new equipment from my loving “parents”!


My existence is dedicated to take Humans sailing and diving around the Indonesian seas. It’s funny to see how they get excited on and under the sea, thou it’s so second nature for me! But you know what? I LOVE IT!


I have met so many people and so many sea creatures, that I could talk about it for days! I’ll tell you some of those stories when you’ll come on board!


Through that diary, I will try to share with you my adventurous life, what I do, how I feel, and so on. Right now I’m on holiday, just chilling in Labuanbajo. Feels good, I had a busy year. And I’m feeling really excited cause I will soon get a brand renewed engine!! I will feel like I’m teenager again!


Yes Promised, I’ll let you know and show you some selfies!


Talk to you soon !


Tidak Apa’Pa