Get ready for a diving adventure !!

Dive across Indonesia aboard the TidakApa'Pa

Diving Liveaboard Indonesia Tidak Apa'Pa Komodo Raja Ampat Banda Sea Sulawesi

Welcome to the Tidak Apa'Pa !


We are delighted to welcome you on board for amazing cruises across the Indonesian seas, all year long.

Whether you are an experienced diver or beginner, interested in free diving, diving with CCR - Rebreathers or even just snorkeling, we have something for everyone ! 


Enjoy the wonders of the life under the sea, let yourself be pampered on board, improve your knowledge of marine life and work to help protect reef and their inhabitants, enjoy the feeling of intimacy with a small and friendly group (max 8 people onboard)... 


This is what a trip with Tidak Apa'Pa Liveaboard will be happy to offer you !

The TidakApaPa Experience : No worry !

Divers soup, curtains of bubbles, 30 divers in the water, fixed schedule, divers factory, frustration of not having the same as the other group that left 15 min before me.... Nothing like that on our boat !!!


Small boat, small groups of divers, for a deeper human experience, and budget-friendly. Take the time to talk to each other, get to know each other, share your experience with each other ! 

  • Departure is guaranteed from 3 divers only ! Yes, only you + 2 friends, or you + wife/husband and a diving child 
  • Maximum 8 divers on board
  • Average of 4-5 divers per trip 


Flexibility, customized trips, a real "human" feeling, time to dive the right spot the right time, a friendly "a bit like home but better cause I don't need to do anything really", this is the TidakApaPa experience, the "No Worries" Experience that we offer you to share!


Only on TidakApaPa : Rebreather diving !!

Rebreather Diving Liveaboard Indonesia Komodo Raja Ampat Banda Sulawesi

Tidak Apa'Pa Liveaboard is the only boat in Indonesia being certified as an IANTD Facility! Oxy, Sorb, Trimix, everything is available onboard!

We are ready to take you to the best spots, far from the crowd and closed to the Beasts....

We are delighted to be able to offer "100% Rebreather" trips in every destination !


Forget time searching for critters in the sand? POSSIBLE !

 Loose yourself  surrounded by  Manta Rays ? POSSIBLE !

 Want to slide yourself along unending walls? POSSIBLE!

 Share some private moment with sharks? POSSIBLE !


Just choose your destination and contact us for the best fit, or join our next 100% CCR dedicated trip!


In the meantime, enjoy the summary of one of our CCR Trip in Komodo here !

Choose your destination according to your desires

Komodo - aDventure

Komodo Dragon Diving Liveaboard Indonesia Tidak Apa'Pa

Currents, Macro, Pelagic life, Turtles, Trekking, wild life, Dragons, no doubt possible, you want KOMODO !

South Sulawesi - vertigo

Sulawesi Walls Diving Liveaboard Indonesia Tidak Apa'Pa

Endless walls, an immense atoll at the end of the world, sharks, stingrays, the priceless feeling of loneliness. Let's head to SOUTH SULAWESI !

Banda Sea - Crazy "hammer"

Hammerhead Sharks Banda sea Diving Liveaboard Indonesia Tidak Apa'Pa

Annual meeting point of the Hammerhead Sharks' migration, snake island, stunning muck diving... Destination BANDA SEA and AMBON !

Raja Ampat - Royal

Raja Ampat Diving Liveaboard Indonesia Tidak Apa'Pa

Colorful reefs, paradise islands, cays and shoals, unique biodiversity, Wobbegong sharks in formation, nothing's more perfect than  RAJA AMPAT !